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 Garden of eden

After being outed by her father, 17-year old Jaliyah is forced into homelessness just neighborhoods away. Coming to terms with her sexuality, Jaliyah navigates through her new circumstances while her innocence deteriorates. As Jaliyah’s identity evolves, a friendship with an unlikely sidekick grows, along with her disdain for religion, society, and cultural norms.


by the tide

A depressed African-American millennial woman must decide whether or not to end her life while reconciling relationships with her girlfriend and her lover.


the set up

James Lee has been fighting all his life, winning street fights and collecting debts for local crime lords, until the day he grows weary of his lifestyle, and decides to walk away in order to pursue a life of peace with his love Chrissy...but James learns the hard way that the path to peace never opens up without a price, when one of the former crime lords returns looking for vengeance, forcing him to fight back!