Imani nikyah


Imani Dennison was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, before attending Howard University in Washington, DC. She graduated in 2014 with a B.A in Political Science and concentrations in International relations, and a minor in Photography. While attending Howard, Imani studied abroad at The University of Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa where she studied South African politics. It was during this time that Imani became invested in International documentary filmmaking and photography. In 2013, Imani spent two weeks in Nice, France creating the short film “One Day,” as a part of the Creative Minds in Cannes film program. After graduation, Imani interned with the Network for Eco-farming in Africa, in Molo, Kenya, as a photographer and documentarian on the behalf of global health organization GlobeMed. In 2014 Imani enrolled in a three-month photography program at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa to further, pursue her photographic studies. In 2015 after having successfully completed her Certificate in Photography, Imani moved to New York City. Inspired by big city urban life Imani’s interest in film photography grew in to a love for moving image, better known as Cinema. Six months after moving to New York City Imani shot and co-directed her very first motion picture, a short drama titled “The Garden of Eden.” Remembering her love for travel and love for the continent, Imani returned back to Johannesburg, South Africa and Nairobi Kenya in 2016 freelance filmmaking for Tastemakers Africa, a millennial ran start-up travel app based out of Brooklyn, New York. Imani currently freelances as a Photographer/Cinematographer.